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5 Best Flower to Gift for Retirement or a Farewell Party
Parting ways can be a bittersweet experience, particularly when we find ourselves saying goodbye during retirement or farewell parties. It's a time filled with mixed emotions as we bid adieu to a cherished colleague or friend. But fear not, as there is a heartfelt way to express your well wishes and support during this transition: through the gift of flowers.  Flowers have a unique language of their own, conveying emotions and messages that words often struggle to express. In this blog, we present the five best flowers to gift for a retirement or farewell party, each carrying a special ..
Using Flowers to Host a Memorable Gender Reveal Party
Gender reveal parties are gaining popularity and becoming an essential part of the pregnancy journey for many expectant parents. It's a time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new family member — or two — and share the joy with loved ones. But how do you create a gender reveal party that stands out and leaves a lasting impression? Using flowers is one way to elevate your gender reveal party and make it truly memorable, and we here at The Interior Collections are here to tell you how! What is the Etiquette for Gender Reveal Parties? Before we dive into the specifics of hosting a m..
World Book Day: 3 Flowers in Books and Movies
This World Book Day, we look at some of the most iconic flowers in literature and cinema. Flowers have been used in literature and movies to signify a range of emotions, from love and beauty to sadness and loss. Join us as we explore three flowers in books and films that have captured our hearts. What is World Book Day? But first, what is World Book Day? It is an annual celebration of the joy of reading, which takes place on the 23rd of April. This UNESCO initiative aims to promote reading, publishing, and copyright worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, World Book Day has grown int..
Zodiac Flowers: Ultimate Guide to Flowers of Your Star Signs
Astrology and flowers have been connected for centuries, with each zodiac sign being associated with a particular flower. Whether you are a fiery Aries or a grounded Taurus, there is a perfect flower to align with your star sign and enhance your natural strengths. This blog will explore the flowers that correspond to each of the twelve zodiac signs, their meanings, how they reflect the personality traits of each sign, and the perfect birthday blooms for your loved ones based on their zodiac sign.  1. Aries: Honeysuckle Aries is a fire sign, and their flower is the vibrant honeysuc..
5 Fun Facts About Orchids No One Told You About
Orchids are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating flowers in the world. With over 25,000 species, orchids are not only beautiful but also quite unique. These flowers come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes and can be found in every corner of the globe. Their delicate and intricate blooms have been admired and coveted for their beauty and symbolism, making them a popular choice for fresh flower bouquets. While most people are familiar with the beauty of orchids, there are some fun facts about these flowers that you may not have heard of. In this blog, we will explore 5 fun fact..
3 Beautiful Greenery Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements
Flowers are usually a staple in any wedding. Once you have the theme of your wedding down, you will have to think of the flower arrangements that would best suit the ceremony and reception. This is where we come in. The Interior Collections has worked on numerous floral decorations for different types of weddings. With this, we’re here to give you ideas on flower arrangements that can help you incorporate some greenery into your wedding day. 1. Bridal Bouquets The bridal bouquet is one of the significant centrepieces of any wedding. It’s also one of the most photographed floral e..
Ways to Include Preserved Flowers into Weddings in Singapore
Preserved flowers are a delightfully sustainable decor option that can make your wedding uniquely beautiful. Long-lasting preserved flowers can add a sense of radiating beauty to your special day without the risk of wilting or going bad during such an extravagant event. They're also perfect for couples looking to repurpose their wedding flowers as gifts to their guests or as mementos for themselves. But how exactly do you go about integrating preserved flowers into your wedding decor? From bouquets to centrepieces, here are some of the top ways to incorporate preserved flowers into your..
4 Stunning Floral Arch Ideas for Every Wedding Style
Whether you're getting married in a grand ballroom or on a sandy beach, a wedding floral arch can beautifully transform any ceremony space into a romantic wonderland and add the perfect finishing touch to your special day. From cascading greenery to create a picturesque frame as you exchange vows to colourful blooms that add a pop of colour, the possibilities for decorating your floral arch are endless. With so many designs to gain inspiration from, creating the one that perfectly matches your wedding theme and personal style will be a breeze. But with so many design options out there, ..
5 Facts To Know About Your Bouquet of Fresh Lily Flowers
Lilies are among the most widely used and aesthetically pleasing in the world. This exquisite flower, which comes in a range of colours and is well renowned for its pleasant smell, is a show-stopper on its own and makes the ideal addition to any fresh flower bouquet. But despite its popularity among flower shops in Singapore, most people don't know all that much about Lilies. This is why in this blog, you'll find out tons of interesting facts about the different types of Lilies that you can share with other flower lovers! 1. Lilies Can Trace Their Roots Back to Greek Mythology Al..
Choosing Wedding Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding Car
When it comes to wedding preparations, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. From wedding dress to wedding flower arrangements to decorate the venue, there are several things to check off to ensure the big day goes smoothly. Of the range of things to look into, the wedding flower arrangement that will adorn the wedding car is something not to overlook. Whether you are the best man in charge of decorating the wedding car or a couple looking for wedding car decoration ideas, this guide will help you. 1. Mix and Match Different Flowers There can be a lot of choices w..