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Ways to Include Preserved Flowers into Weddings in Singapore


Preserved flowers are a delightfully sustainable decor option that can make your wedding uniquely beautiful. Long-lasting preserved flowers can add a sense of radiating beauty to your special day without the risk of wilting or going bad during such an extravagant event. They're also perfect for couples looking to repurpose their wedding flowers as gifts to their guests or as mementos for themselves. But how exactly do you go about integrating preserved flowers into your wedding decor?

From bouquets to centrepieces, here are some of the top ways to incorporate preserved flowers into your wedding decor arrangements:

1. Handy Bouquets


Preserved bridal hand flower bouquets are gaining popularity in Singapore as an alternative to traditional fresh flowers due to their versatility. They can fit nicely into any bouquet design and can maintain their form far longer than fresh flowers. Additionally, preserved flowers can be kept as a keepsake of the event by the lucky ones who manage to catch the bouquet when the bride throws it. Preserved flower bouquets, like our Inez bouquet, also rival the beauty of fresh flowers by contributing a more neutral colour-toned look that helps accentuate the overall radiance of the entire celebration.

If you would like to walk down the aisle with a preserved flower bouquet, flower shops in Singapore like The Interior Collections will usually provide you the option to include preserved flowers in your bouquet.

2. Eye-Catching Centrepiece


Centrepieces are meant to captivate people and bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your wedding decor, and preserved flowers are certainly up to that challenge. Beautifully crafted table decors, like our Ashley flower arrangement, can create a refined atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe. If you want to include preserved flower arrangements for your table centrepieces, you’ll be glad to know that this table wedding flower arrangement can be designed with either fresh or preserved flowers!

3. Alluring Arch


The flower arch is another integral part of the wedding decor. It serves as a backdrop that complements the symbolism of the union between you and your partner and adds a sense of visual harmony to the ceremony. Not to mention it can also bring an added flair to your wedding photos and excite your guests into using it as a background for picture-taking.

Preserved flowers are an ideal choice for a floral arch as they are more durable and easier to place than fresh flowers. This allows you to easily adjust the design of the arch to fit more intricate flower arrangements.

4. Wedding Corsages


Preserved flowers are absolutely perfect to use for wedding corsages. Not only are they easy to add to these delicate accessories but are less likely to fall apart due to all the movement that they will be put through while being worn on a tux of the groom or the wrist of the bride. Additionally, your bridal party can take their corsages home as a wonderful gift to remind them of the wedding.

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