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Bridal & Wedding Bouquets


At The Interior Collections, we offer clients in Singapore a wide range of wedding hand bouquets that are designed to add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. Plus, you get a free standard delivery if your order exceeds S$50. However, deliveries to specific restricted areas like the Tuas, Jurong Island, and Changi Airport will have an additional S$15 surcharge. For a smooth experience on your wedding day, please check our Delivery Information page.


When planning your special day, staying on top of your wedding flower arrangement choices is a detail you can't overlook. This is because not only does the bridal bouquet and arrangements add a splash of elegance to your ceremony, but it also plays a role in complementing your overall look. 

Here’s how to ensure your wedding flower bouquet arrives fresh and on time, wherever you’ll be celebrating your big day. Consider doing the following:

  • Know Your Budget: Decide how much you want to spend on your bridal hand bouquet and other floral arrangements. This can help you find a florist who offers beautiful wedding flower packages at a price you're comfortable with.
  • Know Which Flowers You Would Like to Include in Your Bouquets: Pick flowers that match your wedding theme and personal style. Knowing which flowers you want helps you communicate better with your florist and ensures your bridal bouquet looks exactly how you envision it.
  • Preferred Delivery Options: To ensure your bridal hand bouquet arrives fresh and blooming, discuss delivery options and wedding flower packages with your florist in Singapore. Choose a florist that delivers the bouquet directly to your venue on the wedding day. 
  • Wedding Venue: Inform your florist about the specific conditions of your wedding venue. Factors like temperature, humidity, and general setting can influence the choice of flowers and their preservation. This will help your florist prepare a bridal hand bouquet that not only looks spectacular but also withstands the day's conditions.


Imagine strolling down the aisle, clutching the most exquisite wedding bouquet. It's the moment every bride dreams of—the perfect accessory to complement your stunning wedding outfit. Moreover, the bouquet serves as a central visual element during the wedding, often becoming a keepsake that evokes memories of the day for years to come.


At The Interior Collections, we understand that each bride in Singapore is unique, and so should be her bridal bouquet. Our commitment to affordable luxury and creative styling shines through our bespoke bridal bouquet services, where elegance meets personalisation without the hefty price tag.

We believe that your bridal hand bouquet should be a reflection of your personality and style. Whether you envision a bouquet that's lush and romantic, sleek and modern, or whimsically rustic, our team of creative stylists is equipped to bring your vision to life. We offer flower customisation options to ensure that every bridal bouquet of flowers is as unique as the bride holding it. From selecting the types of flowers to choosing the specific hues, every element of your bouquet can be tailored to match your theme.


Finding the right wedding flower bouquet is one of the most important aesthetic wedding elements that brides in Singapore take into consideration. Wedding flower arrangements are essential in creating a romantic and elegant theme for such a special occasion. If you are struggling to decide on this essential bridal accessory, here are some helpful tips to guide you through the myriad of wedding bouquet choices:

1. Which flower meaning do you resonate with? 

Like many couples in Singapore, you can prioritise the meaning of the flowers for your personal wedding hand bouquet as a start. Fresh flower bouquets made of roses, for instance, are often incorporated into bridal bouquets because they symbolise charm and grace. Other meanings include loveliness, tenderness, perfection, and riches.

2. What is the theme of your wedding?

In terms of colours, you can either complement or contrast your wedding theme and colour palette for a more cohesive look. With all the flower options available in Singapore, it is essential to stick with your chosen colour and themes to narrow down your choices.

3. What is the style of your bridal gown?

Ultimately, your bridal gown and bouquet are expressions of your personal style. The gown sets the tone for your bridal look, and the bouquet should complement it in a way that reflects your personality and taste. Or if there are certain flowers you have your eye on but can’t seem to find the perfect combination, consider customising your clutch of blooms. To help you create your dream wedding bouquet, customised orders are easy to arrange here at The Interior Collections. 


  • Roses

Roses are a classic symbol of love and beauty, making them a popular bridal bouquet choice for weddings in Singapore. They are versatile and available in a wide range of colours, which allows them to fit into almost any wedding theme. Plus, roses can be used in formal, romantic, or even rustic settings, depending on the colour and arrangement style. They are particularly well-suited for classic and elegant wedding themes.

  • Tulips

Tulips are bright and cheerful flowers that bring a sense of classic beauty to wedding flower arrangements. They are available in many colours, making them adaptable to various wedding themes. Tulips are also ideal for spring and summer weddings due to their vibrant and fresh appearance. They work well in both formal and more casual, whimsical wedding settings.

  • Sunflowers

Sunflowers symbolise adoration and loyalty. Their large, vibrant yellow petals make a bold statement and are perfect for rustic or country-themed weddings. Sunflowers are best suited for late summer or autumn weddings and can create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

  • Lilies

Wedding flower arrangements made of lilies add a luxurious touch to the decor. They are suitable for a variety of wedding themes, from traditional to modern. In addition, lilies symbolise purity and refined beauty, making them a great choice for romantic and sophisticated weddings.

  • Orchids

Orchids are known for their exotic and elegant appearance, symbolising beauty, refinement, and strength. They are ideal for modern, tropical, or luxury wedding themes. Orchids can be used in various ways, from bridal hand bouquets to dramatic venue decorations. Their unique shapes and vibrant colours make them a standout choice for couples who prefer a more Oriental look on their wedding day.


Bridal hand bouquets have a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Originally, flower bouquets were not just about beauty; they served to ward off evil spirits, mask odours in times when bathing was infrequent, and symbolise fertility and purity. Fast forward to the Victorian era, and flowers began to carry specific meanings, allowing brides to express their emotions and sentiments through their choice of blooms.

Today, wedding flower arrangements–including the bridal hand bouquet and wedding aisle decorations–have become a personal statement, a piece of art that reflects the bride's style and personality. It's a symbol of her beauty and her journey into marriage. Whether opting for a classic, romantic arrangement or a bold, unconventional bouquet, it's all about what resonates with the bride, making her feel special and connected to the tradition in her own way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Bouquet Flowers in Singapore

Does The Interior Collections offer wedding flower packages for large orders?

Yes, we offer wedding flower packages for bulk orders. Be sure to place your orders on the website, or send an enquiry to our creative team via email or WhatsApp if you have questions.

Can the wedding flower bouquets be customised?

Our wedding flower arrangements and wedding hand bouquets can be customised. We understand that brides in Singapore have varying wedding themes and prefer different flowers, which is why we offer customisable options to cater to your distinct requirements. Select from our wedding bouquet options that fit your style or preference, as well as the theme of your wedding.

Do you offer same-day wedding bouquet delivery?

Yes. Our same-day wedding bouquet delivery services are available for orders within Singapore. To qualify for our same-day wedding flower delivery, please place your orders before 1 pm. Additional fees may be charged for time-specific deliveries that are not within our delivery hours. Please refer to our Delivery Information page or our FAQ Page for more information.

Can I design and order my bridal bouquet and wedding corsages as a package?

Yes, you can design and order your bridal bouquet and wedding corsage in Singapore as a package. At The Interior Collections, we offer a wide range of wedding flower bouquets and corsages that can be customised to match your wedding theme and colour palette.

How long do your wedding flower bouquets typically last after delivery in Singapore?

When it comes to our wedding flower arrangements, we only select the freshest flowers of the highest quality. In doing so, we ensure that our wedding flowers can last longer. The lifespan of our flowers will depend on their quality and the type of care after their delivery. Our wedding flowers can last for a few days. However, if you have chosen our preserved bridal flower bouquets or artificial flower arrangements, they could last for months or longer.

What measures are taken to ensure the safety and hygiene of the wedding flowers and bouquets during delivery?

We implement strict safety and hygiene policies from our flower selection process to the delivery. We ensure our flowers are hydrated and appropriately stored to maintain their freshness and quality. Our workstations are sanitised to ensure proper hygiene. We use sanitised and spill-proof packaging to prevent any damage to the wedding flower arrangements during delivery.