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Birthday Flowers


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Happy Birthday Flower Bouquets in Singapore

Birthdays are a special occasion, and what better way to make your loved ones feel appreciated than with beautiful flowers or a thoughtful gift set? A simple ‘Happy Birthday’ card or a box of chocolates may be thoughtful, but why not take it a notch further with a birthday flower bouquet? 

Sentimental and meaningful, birthday flowers are one way you can express your gratitude and well-wishes to someone dear. Whether you go for red or pink roses, or a bouquet with a combination of fresh blooms, sending a flower delivery to a loved one on their birthday is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. You don’t have to go far to find the best birthday flowers in Singapore. The Interior Collections specialises in a variety of bouquets for such celebratory occasions - browse our site, cart out with your recipient's address, choose your delivery date, and you’re all set to surprise your loved one. With our wide range of birthday flowers and gifts, you can express your love and gratitude in a way that is both unique and meaningful. We understand the importance of convenient ordering of flowers, so let our creative florists help you with choosing the perfect birthday flowers, from selecting the right type of flowers to customising your bouquet and arranging for delivery in Singapore.

What Flowers to Gift Your Loved Ones on their Birthday?

Flowers can symbolise many things, so picking the right flowers to wish one a very happy birthday will make the gesture significantly heartwarming.

Red roses, the perfect symbolism for love, are great for your better half. Yellow roses that exude joy and pink ones that speak of appreciation and admiration will be ideal for friends. Flowers like lilies and eustomas offer a boost of positivity that will light up anyone’s day, while fresh tulips embody the deep love you have for a close friend. 

A good gift is always worth it - browse our collections of birthday flowers and gift sets and have them delivered to any location in Singapore.

Pre-Order Your Birthday Flowers Bouquet in Advance

If you don’t know which flower bouquet to get as a gift for their birthday, consider our selection of horoscope-inspired flowers. Specially created with blooms that match an individual’s horoscope characteristics, our birthday flowers are put together with creative expression. For those who follow horoscopes, these bouquets will be mesmerisingly meaningful. 

Leave a personalised birthday message to your dearest too - we will include the customised card to your flower bouquet delivery. 

Fret not if you didn’t have time to order one - simply cart out your birthday bouquet online before 1pm for same-day flower delivery in Singapore. Our delivery timings start from 10am to 1pm, 1pm to 5pm and 5pm to 9pm. Drop us your order by 1pm on Friday for weekend deliveries.

Want something beyond the ordinary instead? Consider our floral baskets and boxes! We have various flower arrangements and we can customise them according to the occasion and your specifications. So don’t wait! Send us a message or call us at 9270 7756 for your enquiries and placing orders.

FAQ - Birthday Flower Bouquets

What is the process for curating different birthday flower bouquets?

Our florists take great care in creating each and every one of our birthday flower bouquets. They carefully select the freshest flowers and arrange them in a way that maximises their beauty and impact. We believe that every bouquet should be a work of art, and we put in the time and effort to make sure that is the case.

Can the birthday flower bouquets be customised?

Yes! We understand that every recipient is unique, which is why we offer a variety of options for customising our flower bouquets. You can choose the type and colour of flowers, add a personal message or note.

Do you offer birthday flower delivery services, and how much does it cost?

Yes, we offer convenient and reliable birthday flower delivery services throughout Singapore. Our delivery services are free for all flowers/bouquets purchased on our website. However, we charge $15 for deliveries to the following areas: 

  • Changi Airport, Airport Cargo Complex, Airline Road area
  • Tuas area
  • Jurong Island
  • Sembawang Shipyard
  • All Army camps
  • All PSA Ports
  • Sentosa Island
  • All hospitals

Do you offer same-day birthday flower delivery?

Yes, we offer same-day flower delivery in Singapore for orders placed before 1pm on weekdays. Your order will be delivered at 9pm the latest on the same day. For weekend deliveries kindly place your orders before 1pm on Fridays. Make sure to contact us directly to confirm the availability of same-day delivery for your specific order and location.

What is the return policy for damaged or defective birthday flower bouquets?

The return policy of damaged or defective birthday flower bouquets or products are subject to The Interior Collections’ discretion. We will examine the product you return to us, and we will either replace the item (if returned due to a defect or damage) or provide you with a refund, depending on the condition of the product following our examination.

How long do your birthday flowers typically last after delivery?

The lifespan of a bouquet of flowers can vary depending on factors such as the type of flowers, their freshness at the time of delivery, and the care they receive after delivery. Generally, most of our cut fresh flowers last for about 5 to 7 days, although some can last for up to two weeks or more if they are well cared for.

Who are the florists behind the creation of these birthday bouquets?

We are a versatile and experienced team of florists and stylists. We specialise in classic, trendy, chic and rustic bouquets and arrangements for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions. Visit our website for more information about our team of florists and our design process, or you can reach out to our customer service for more details. 

What measures are taken to ensure the safety and hygiene of the birthday bouquets during delivery?

We make sure that our birthday bouquets are hand-crafted with utmost care and attention. We prepare our bouquets with personalised attention and deliver them personally to maintain their freshness and beauty. Most importantly, we ensure that our flowers arrive at your location in clean fresh condition to guarantee your safety.