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Anniversary Flowers

Browse through our anniversary collection and find that special flower bouquet that will represent your unique love story.


What better way to celebrate your milestone as a couple than to give your partner the most stunning anniversary flowers in Singapore? At The Interior Collections, we understand the importance of beautiful blooms in symbolising love, appreciation and the wonderful journey of relationships. 

As such, we offer a distinct assortment of anniversary bouquets, perfect for celebrating your wedding anniversary or any milestone as a couple. Unlike other florists, we craft memories through flowers, with each bouquet designed to convey the deep emotions of your unique love story.


Choosing The Interior Collections means opting for unparalleled quality and unique designs that stand out from the rest. We ensure every customer's satisfaction through our commitment to excellence, offering exclusive arrangements that combine innovation with tradition. 

Put together by our artistic florists, our anniversary flower bouquets are one for the eyes. They are customised with a mixture of blooms and fillers. Whether you are looking for simple roses to charm your loved one or something a tad different - think Kloe’s magical fairy lights - you can browse and select an extraordinary anniversary gift on our website. You can even add a personalised card before completing your purchase!

Plus, enjoy the added convenience of free delivery across Singapore, making your anniversary celebrations as seamless as they are memorable. We deliver anniversary flowers every day islandwide from 10am to 1pm, 1pm to 5pm, and 5pm to 9pm. However, be sure to cart out online before 1pm for same-day flower delivery in Singapore. For weekend deliveries, place your order by Friday, 1pm.

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Choosing the perfect flowers for your anniversary is not just about picking beautiful blooms. It's also about conveying a message of love, appreciation, and the significance of the milestone you're celebrating. So, you must choose the right flowers and colours that will represent your unique story as a couple.

Here’s a guide to some popular selections for anniversary flowers in Singapore and what they represent:

  • Roses:¬†A timeless symbol of love and passion, roses are the quintessential anniversary flower. Red roses signify deep love, while pink roses express admiration and joy.
  • Lilies:¬†White lilies represent purity and innocence, and they are perfect for celebrating a fresh start, another year of shared love or a renewal of vows. If you want to express your gratitude for your partner or how proud you are of your relationship, get them orange and yellow lilies.
  • Orchids:¬†Orchids symbolise exotic beauty and strength, making them ideal for anniversaries. Purple orchids convey the deep, mature love that couples have built over time.
  • Tulips:¬†Tulips symbolise perfect love and are a great way to celebrate any wedding anniversary. Get red tulips to declare passion and romance. If you want to tell your partner that their love made you the happiest person on earth, give them yellow tulips.
  • Daisies:¬†Daisies symbolise innocence and loyal love, embodying the spirit of youthful joy. Yellow, orange and red daisies are perfect for celebrating the lighter, playful side of love.


At The Interior Collections, we believe that every milestone deserves recognition and celebration. Our expertly curated fresh flower bouquets are designed to honour all kinds of anniversaries. 

Here are some of the anniversaries you can celebrate with our special bouquets:

  • Wedding Anniversaries:¬†Opt for classic roses or peonies in soft hues to symbolise enduring love and happiness, perfect for celebrating another year of marital bliss.
  • Dating¬†Anniversaries:¬†Choose vibrant tulips or daisies that reflect the freshness and excitement of your growing relationship.
  • Work¬†Anniversaries:¬†To recognise professional achievements and express appreciation for dedication and hard work, select an elegant arrangement of orchids or lilies.
  • Renewal of Vows: Celebrate this reaffirmation of love with a bespoke bouquet of mixed flowers, representing the diverse and evolving nature of your bond through the years.
  • Recovery¬†Anniversary:¬†Convey messages of hope, strength, and renewal with bright sunflowers or gerberas, celebrating milestones in personal growth and recovery.


At The Interior Collections, we understand the importance of personal touches. That's why we offer customisable designs for your anniversary flower bouquets. 

Work with our expert florists to create a floral arrangement that perfectly encapsulates your feelings. This way, you can make your anniversary celebration truly unique and personal.



What flowers are ideal for anniversaries?

A flower bouquet isn’t just a gift - it also holds significance and embodies meanings. Choose a bouquet of roses to express your passion and devotion to your love, with stalks of alstroemeria to symbolise the strength of the relationship. Go for tulips as a beautiful reminder of your endearing love story. Pick a bouquet of baby’s breath to emphasise the purity of your love that is everlasting. Add a couple of hydrangeas to show your commitment to unity and togetherness. There’s always much thought that goes into any meaningful gift - take your time to decide which flower bouquet to get for your beloved on your wedding anniversary and shop from our selections via our online store.

How are anniversary bouquets crafted?

We carefully select fresh and high-quality flowers based on their colour, style, size, texture, and fragrance, arranging them in a way that highlights their individual beauty to create a cohesive and stunning wedding anniversary bouquet. This approach ensures we create a final product that will leave our customers a lasting impression.

Can I customise my anniversary bouquet?

Yes, we offer customised anniversary flower bouquets to suit our customers’ desired flower arrangement aesthetic. Additionally, you can include a letter along with the bouquet to effectively convey your message. This personalised approach ensures that the wedding anniversary flower bouquets are uniquely crafted to make their special day even more memorable.

What are the delivery options and fees for anniversary flowers?

Yes, we offer free flower delivery in Singapore for all online orders of anniversary bouquets. However, additional surcharges may apply for deliveries during peak periods such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. Moreover, a $15 surcharge will also be applicable for deliveries to restricted areas including Changi Airport, Tuas area, Jurong Island, Sembawang Shipyard, all Army camps, all PSA Ports, Sentosa Island, and all hospitals. Please refer to our Delivery Information for more info.

Is same-day delivery an option for anniversary flowers?

Yes, same-day delivery in Singapore is available for our anniversary flowers. To ensure that your bouquet arrives on time, please message us on WhatsApp (9270 7756).

What if my bouquet arrives damaged?

For our return policy for damaged or defective wedding anniversary flower bouquets, simply inform us within the first 24 hours of delivery. We will happily provide a replacement at no additional cost. Please note that in the event the recipient or representative is unavailable during the delivery time and cannot be reached within 15 minutes of the courier's arrival, we will leave the flowers at the front desk or doorstep. After this point, any damages or losses incurred will no longer be our responsibility.

How long will the flowers last?

Our wedding anniversary flowers can last depending on the type of flower and the environment in which they are kept. With proper care, they can last up to 7 days after delivery. To maintain their freshness and extend longevity, it's best to keep them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Who crafts the anniversary bouquets?

Our wedding anniversary bouquets are crafted by our team of expert florists. They have a keen eye for floral designs, a deep understanding of flowers and their characteristics, and a passion for creating stunning wedding flower arrangements to celebrate the couple’s anniversary. Our team takes pride in their work, ensuring that every bouquet is made with care and attention to detail.

How do you ensure safe and hygienic delivery?

Our team of floral experts meticulously prepares each wedding anniversary bouquet in a sanitised environment. We hand-pick and handle each flower with care, ensuring that they are packaged securely to prevent damage and contamination during transportation. Whether they’re delivering a graduation hand bouquet or a get well soon fruit hamper, our team follows rigorous safety protocols, ensuring the freshness and quality of your order from our hands to yours.