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3 Beautiful Greenery Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements


Flowers are usually a staple in any wedding. Once you have the theme of your wedding down, you will have to think of the flower arrangements that would best suit the ceremony and reception. This is where we come in. The Interior Collections has worked on numerous floral decorations for different types of weddings. With this, we’re here to give you ideas on flower arrangements that can help you incorporate some greenery into your wedding day.

1. Bridal Bouquets


The bridal bouquet is one of the significant centrepieces of any wedding. It’s also one of the most photographed floral elements for brides in Singapore. You can choose between the various styles of bridal bouquets for your wedding, some of which include hand and cascading bouquets.

If you want to dawn a white bouquet to match your elegant all-white attire, our Marvellous Bridal Bouquet is a hand bouquet with a combination of different fresh flowers, including peonies, garden roses, roses, and Delphiniums. If you want a bouquet with a soft colour combination to match your motif, our Euphoria Bridal Bouquet would also be a great choice. It is another hand bouquet with an arrangement that consists of fresh gerberas, hydrangeas, roses, alstroemeria, and fillers.

Would you prefer to walk down the aisle with a bouquet that gives you more of an ethereal touch instead? Our Enchanting Bridal Bouquet has a cascading style that consists of fresh ranunculus, delphiniums, roses and fillers. For a cascading bouquet that’s more simple yet still complements your regal attire, you can choose our Elegance Bridal Bouquet.

2. Floral Arches


Floral arches are a beautiful and popular way to incorporate greenery and flowers into a wedding ceremony or reception. They provide a stunning backdrop for photographs and can enhance the natural beauty of an outdoor venue. A floral wedding arch would look beautiful as you make your wedding vows, walk through the aisle or even as you stand to greet your guests at the reception. Whichever you think would be the perfect setting for your floral arches, we have floral designs that would be the perfect backdrop on your wedding day.

For weddings with bright, colourful motifs, our Fresh Flower Arch would look picture-perfect as your solemnisation or stage decor. Along with the abundance of fresh flowers, it also comes with decorative props, like drapes, fairy lights, wooden crates, and lantern holders. Additionally, if you want a more romantic and eye-catching wedding arch as a backdrop to recite your wedding vows, our Garden Arch would elevate the moment. With this flower arrangement, you can choose between artificial or fresh flowers.

3. March in Aisle


Walking down the aisle with rows of flowers and a touch of delicate greenery on the side would make your wedding even more magical. That’s why we create stunning flower arrangements for March in Aisle to give the bride a whimsical ambience as she makes her way to the person she spends her life with.

A flower that would go well for any March in Aisle are rows of Fresh Baby’s Breath. Baby’s breath is a popular wedding flower and symbolises everlasting love. Should you want to walk down through a bouquet of roses, however, you can also go for the Bubble Blue Bliss Aisle Decor. This March in Aisle flower arrangement has bubble lights that add a cosy atmosphere to your wedding ceremony.

Add Stunning Floral Touches to Your Wedding with The Interior Collections

At The Interior Collections, we help couples in Singapore add splendour to their special day with our wedding flowers package. Whether it’s wedding bouquets, table flower arrangements, or other floral arrangements, we ensure that your decorations enhance the experience, making it a memory you will cherish forever.

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