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Choosing Wedding Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding Car


When it comes to wedding preparations, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. From wedding dress to wedding flower arrangements to decorate the venue, there are several things to check off to ensure the big day goes smoothly. Of the range of things to look into, the wedding flower arrangement that will adorn the wedding car is something not to overlook. Whether you are the best man in charge of decorating the wedding car or a couple looking for wedding car decoration ideas, this guide will help you.

1. Mix and Match Different Flowers


There can be a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect array of flowers to decorate a wedding car. While many might assume that choosing a single type of flower to decorate the car with will help create a chic and well-put-together look, experimenting with different types of flowers can add more life and vibrancy to the arrangement. 

Our Mercedes II wedding car arrangement, for example, comprises various artificial flowers complemented with other fillers to create an eye-catching piece that will take centre stage on the front car. Plan on making a grand arrival in your Mercedes and would like a customised wedding flower arrangement that you can truly call your own? Fret not, because here at The Interior Collections, we take pride in our flexibility to create arrangements exactly the way you’d like them. 

2. Pair the Flower Arrangements with Accessories


When it comes to decorating a wedding car, accessories such as ribbons, laces, and tulles come in handy. Just like how a bouquet of fresh flowers is often tied up and wrapped with the most delicate details that are sure to turn heads, the same should be done for the arrangements that your wedding car will be adorning. 

Take a look at our BMW wedding car arrangement for some inspiration. Beyond giving you the option to mix up the type of florals - fresh or artificial - bring your dream wedding theme to life on your wedding automobile with details like ribbons and fillers. Have a specific wedding theme in mind and would love to have it reflected on your wedding car? At The Interior Collections, we offer customisable options so that everything from the colour of the decorative elements to the complementary florals can be designed and arranged to suit your taste. 

3. Consider the Colour of the Florals


Already have a wedding car in mind? Well, then the next step is to find a wedding flower arrangement that will match the vehicle. Of course, you’ll have to consider the overall theme you are going for, but there are a few general things to keep in mind when it comes to decorating a wedding car so that nothing seems too overwhelming. For example, if your wedding car is white, it would be best to choose floral arrangements that feature flowers that are of hues other than white so that they stand out rather than blend in. Our Volkswagen wedding car arrangement accurately captures how florals of shades that differ from the car can be a striking option that will drop jaws. 

Fresh flower examples based on colour preference:

  • Red flowers - roses, poinsettias, dahlias, and gerberas.
  • Pink flowers - carnations, lilies, roses, peonies, and sweet pea tulips
  • White flowers - gardenia, rose, orchid, jasmine, sweet pea, snowdrop, and camellia
  • Yellow flowers - sunflower, freesia, lily, gerbera, daffodil, and tulip
  • Lavender flowers - Lilac, iris, lavender, hydrangea, and anemone

4. Go With Seasonal Flowers


Flowers that are in season are typically less expensive. Moreover, in-season flowers are cut when they are naturally thriving. This means that they will be at their strongest and biggest. Therefore, if you are on a budget and looking for the most vibrant arrangement, try to keep your eyes peeled for wedding flower arrangements that are made of in-season blooms. 

Just like our range of other wedding car decorations, our Mercedes V wedding car arrangement includes seasonal flowers that will definitely be a stunner and complement your wedding theme. 

Customise Your Wedding Flower Arrangements with The Interior Collections

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