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Who are we: Florists

In general, flowers are still a very popular gift idea for loved ones. Be it for birthdays, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation or condolences, flowers are very versatile and perfect for any occasion! As of today, there is a rising demand for online flowers. This is mainly because not everyone has the time to physically go down to the retail stores to shop for a bouquet. Furthermore, the selection of flower bouquet at these stores are usually very limited and outdated, as popular items are usually sold off first.

Fresh or Silk flowers?

The Interior Collections specialise in making weddings and special events Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy at an affordable budget. Celebrations, big and small, deserve beautifully lush floral arrangements that serve as ambience that define all your captured moments.

How to care for Fresh & Preserved flowers at home?

Wanna know some tips and tricks on how you can prolong your delicate flowers? Keep reading for more!