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Make Graduation Celebration Special with Flowers & Bears 

An important milestone in everyone’s life, graduation holds much significance for it symbolises one’s journey into adulthood. Commemorating their accomplishments, surprising a fresh graduate with a thoughtful gift is one of the best ways of congratulating them. From hosting a full-blown graduation party to having practical luxuries delivered to their doorsteps, nothing beats the customary gesture of flower gifting at graduation ceremonies. We’ve all seen it – graduates crowding the parade square, donning their gowns and mortarboards amidst the chaotic chatter, with family and friends milling around them with graduation bears and flowers. Why not do the same with the freshest picks?

What Flowers to Give for Graduation? 

Unsure of what flowers to give for graduation? Though a delightful choice for congratulating a fresh grad, choices of flowers are endless when creating the perfect bouquet. From cheery sunflowers to the classic bouquet of roses, select your loved one’s favourite blooms and express any sentiment imaginable with a bouquet from The Interior Collections. Holding much significance, here are a few graduation flowers to consider:

1. Elegant red roses

Synonymous with love, red roses also express new beginnings. Bouquets like the TIANA and LILITH are classic choices to consider. For something unique, opt for pink roses. The ultimate symbol of sweetness, grace, and happiness, our SCARLET bouquet conveys respect and admiration – befitting of the occasion.

2. Cheery sunflowers

A hot favourite during graduation season, sunflowers symbolise friendship, happiness, intelligence, and vitality. Sure to bring joy to any fresh grad, our SUMMER bouquets are versatile gifts for any occasion.

3. Graduation flowers with bear

A memorable keepsake, our graduation bear bouquets are handcrafted with preserved flowers that can last for 6 to 12 months. Available in a fresh alternative crafted with fresh roses, customised orders are easy to arrange with us too!

Freshest Graduation Flowers in Singapore 

Look up “graduation flowers near me” on the Internet, and you are sure to find a long list of florists offering delightful options. Here at The Interior Collections, we take pride in creating the most captivating floral arrangements. Simply pick a bouquet of graduation flowers or get in touch with us at [email protected] for custom orders and we’ll have them ready. We deliver graduation flowers, amongst others, everyday islandwide – be sure to send in your orders before 1pm for same-day flower delivery in Singapore.