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World Book Day: 3 Flowers in Books and Movies


This World Book Day, we look at some of the most iconic flowers in literature and cinema. Flowers have been used in literature and movies to signify a range of emotions, from love and beauty to sadness and loss. Join us as we explore three flowers in books and films that have captured our hearts.

What is World Book Day?

But first, what is World Book Day? It is an annual celebration of the joy of reading, which takes place on the 23rd of April. This UNESCO initiative aims to promote reading, publishing, and copyright worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, World Book Day has grown into a worldwide celebration that encourages people of all ages to discover the magic of books. Simply put, it's a day to celebrate books' transformative power and ability to inspire, educate, and entertain. 

So, are you ready to learn more about the various books and movies that feature flowers and have captured our hearts over the years? 

1. Beauty and the Beast: Roses

We start our literary journey with the beloved classic, Beauty and the Beast. In both the classic Disney animated film and the 2017 live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the rose plays a prominent role in the story's symbolism. The enchanted rose represents a curse that the Beast is under until he discovers the true meaning of love before the last petal falls. Conventionally, roses are linked with expressions of affection and intense emotions, making them a fitting symbol for the story's central theme. However, the rose's meaning goes beyond love and passion in the movie. As each petal falls, the audience can feel the Beast's desperation to save himself while also experiencing his frustration and despair as he moves closer to giving up. The rose's presence builds suspense as Belle and the Beast's relationship develops, adding an interesting twist to the traditional understanding of what a rose represents.

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2. The Fault in Our Stars: Tulips

Tulips play a significant role in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, representing the fleeting nature of life. In the book, Augustus Waters is named after the rare Semper Augustus tulip, which was highly valued during the Dutch Tulip Mania of the 1600s. The novel's protagonist, Hazel Grace Lancaster, also has a fascination with tulips, and they serve as a symbolic reminder of the fragility and beauty of life. Bright orange tulips are also featured in the film adaptation, serving as a visual representation of the book's themes. If you wish to express a comparable sentiment with a beautiful bouquet of tulips, check out our online catalogue of tulip flower arrangements, such as the Della, which consists of fresh roses, tulips, eustomas and fillers.

3. The Great Gatsby: Orchids

The world of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby, is filled with intricate symbolism, including that of flowers. In Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation, the lush and extravagant visuals are brought to life with a stunning array of floral backdrops, including the prominent use of orchids. The white orchids, in particular, steal the spotlight. Featured prominently in Gatsby's extravagant garden dedicated to his beloved Daisy, these fresh flowers, as seen in our Charm bouquet, add to the allure and luxuriousness of all that surrounds it.

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