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4 Facts That Every Carnation Lover Should Know
Carnations are one of the most popular blooms around the globe, and it's simple to understand why with their vivid and different colours, ruffled aesthetic, delightful fragrance, and longevity. The beautiful carnation has a long and rich history, having been admired since Greek and Roman times. Over 2,000 years ago, these two different cultures were the first to harvest carnations, making them one of the world's oldest cultivated flowers. Carnations were also worn as ceremonial garlands, given as gifts, and even utilised as decorations. Today, carnations are famously associated with mot..
How Grand Opening Flower Stands Can Express Your Congratulations
Celebrating successes is important for every business, and when it comes to the grand opening of a new store, having a grand opening ceremony is a great way of introducing it to the world. A significant milestone like this event deserves to be celebrated, and what better way to send in your congratulations than with a flower stand? With a range of congratulatory flower stands varying in sizes, shapes, and colours, choosing the right one to gift can be a challenge. But fret not! The Interior Collections has gathered some tips on how to aptly express your congratulations with flowers for a g..
5 Trendiest Flowers in Singapore This Year (2022)
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about how we live our lives. Prolonged periods of isolation and non-travel has caused many to value their home surroundings more than ever before. Table flower arrangements and fresh flower bouquets are now commonplace in many Singapore homes, and this trend is set to continue for an indefinite period.  In 2022, flowers are no longer just pretty ornaments or décor items — they are staples that go beyond their appearance, as both meaningful gifts and effective mood-lifting home adornments. Whether you’re shopping for a present to gift somebody el..
Fresh Flowers vs Preserved Flowers: Which Should You Get?
Flowers make for beautiful gifts. Yet, as with all things in nature, the beauty of flowers can fade with time. However, in Singapore, preserved flowers are also readily available, and you can likely find them in any flower shop you walk into.  But what are the tradeoffs between fresh and preserved flowers? Well, we’ve curated this article to answer that very question, so make sure you read on to find out the key differences between the two!  Longevity  First, there is a stark difference in longevity between fresh and preserved flowers. Fresh flowers usually last for a few days to ..
The Different Colours of Roses & What They Mean
Even though roses are largely viewed as expressions of love, each different coloured rose holds its own meaning and symbolism. Your choice of rose colour can—and likely will—play a huge role in the message you send the one you’re gifting the rose to. Be it for a birthday flower bouquet or as a spontaneous fresh flower delivery to someone who needs a pick-me-up from the stresses of Singapore life, you want to select the right coloured rose that best expresses your sentiment. So, we at The Interior Collections have put together this piece, such that you can familiarise yourself with th..
The 5 Flower Arrangement Mistakes You’re Making (But Shouldn’t)
To properly put together a beautiful flower arrangement is by no means an easy feat. It requires more than pure passion — though that in itself is as good a start as any, and half the battle won.  The other half comes from continual learning,  whichis key to mastering the complex art of flower arrangement. The to-learn list is endless: traditional handcrafting techniques; colour harmonization; artful shaping; adapting light and balance; artistic coordination…the list goes on and on. However, before delving in-depth into expert matter, an important step you’ll need to take in your flo..
4 Perfect Yellow Flowers to Gift the Girl Who Loves Yellow
When it comes to cheerful blooms, yellow flowers are often thought of and talked about — with good reason. After all, the colour yellow can instantaneously brighten up a room, and receiving a bouquet of yellow flowers can easily lift one’s spirits.  Though there’s no lack of variety when it comes to yellow flowers, the colour group as a whole has become generally synonymous with the concept of friendship.  All in all, the hue is a celebratory colour, and yellow flowers are often used to represent feelings of pride and accomplishment. That’s why you’ll frequently see them at graduatio..
Why Do Floral Gifts Lift My Mood?
If you had not already known, flowers can improve your mental health! The presence of flowers evokes feelings of happiness and reduces stress and anxiety levels. So what makes flowers so magical and helpful? The Power of Floral Gifts Studies have shown that flowers can induce positive energy in you and make you feel better. Receiving flowers as an unexpected gift will improve your mood, and giving them is a symbolic gesture of love and affection. A behavioral research by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Professor of Psychology at Rutgers, has said that flowers improve mental health by in..
Unique Valentine Flower Arrangements for Your Unique Someone
Once again, Valentine’s is quick approaching — and so is the nerve-wrecking period leading up to that day of romance, when lovers and lovers-to-be alike often scratch their heads in clueless fervor, only to end up Googling (and oft in vain) for Valentine flowers and gift ideas.  This year, The Interior Collections seeks to lessen your worries, with this list of unique Valentine flower arrangements you can get your unique someone this Valentine’s.  But… Why Flowers?  The custom of gift-giving—despite being still-relevant—is one birthed from ancient, archaic times. Its main purpose ..
5 Steps to Incorporate a Splash of Color in Your Home (Pssst! Hint: Fresh Flowers!)
Flowers are a brilliant way to brighten up your home with fantastic splashes of color. They also help regulate your emotions and make for great mood-lifters — with the current global pandemic ongoing, most of us could do with that daily pick-me-up! But how should you go about making the best out of flowers? After all, it’d be such a shame to spend your time and money without getting the most out of it. That’s why we at The Interior Collections have come up with this simple 5-step guide to how you can use fresh flowers to incorporate a splash of color into your home!  1. Picking the R..