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Who are we: Florists

Who are we: Florists

Online flowers

In general, flowers are still a very popular gift idea for loved ones. For birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation events or condolences, flowers are very versatile and perfect for any occasion. As of today, there is a rising demand for online flowers. This is mainly because not everyone has the time to physically go down to the retail stores to shop for a bouquet. Furthermore, the selection of flower bouquets at stores are usually limited and outdated, as popular items are usually sold off first. Therefore, as of 2020, our team has decided to introduce online flowers as part of our services. This will allow our customers to easily browse through all our product catalogs and order them conveniently on their mobile devices.

We understand the pain of buying flowers. They usually don't last for long and are not exactly cheap. Since all our bouquets are made to order, rest assured that the bouquet you receive is fresh and of good condition! You may read our subsequent blog post on how to better take care of your bouquets to prolong their shelf life. Every bouquet bought from us is not only affordable, but we offer complimentary delivery (within Singapore) and gift card as well to make your life a little easier. 

Customizable options

Different people have different preferences in flower bouquets. We offer customizable options as well to suit your loved one’s fondness and the occasion. We offer a wide variety of fresh flowers such as Roses, Cala Lily, Hydrangea, Baby's Breath, Eustoma, Carnations, Tulip, Sunflower, Ranunculus and Peony. Besides fresh flowers, we also offer beautifully preserved flowers. These types of flowers are very popular on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Not only do they look rustic and aesthetic, they also last much longer than fresh flowers when handled right!

Delivery services

As mentioned above, delivery is free for all flowers/bouquets purchased on our website (Additional surcharge for certain locations such as Jurong Island). You need not worry about coming all the way down to our workshop to collect the bouquets. Our team of drivers will personally deliver your bouquets to the recipient. 

We hope you will enjoy the flower bouquets as much as we enjoyed preparing them. Do check out our website to see more of our creations. If you have trouble placing your orders, feel free to contact our Creative Director Josephine at 92482233.