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Fresh or Silk flowers?

Fresh or Silk flowers?

Here at The Interior Collections, we aim to offer luxurious wedding decorations at affordable prices for our newlyweds. We know how expensive and costly weddings can get, especially when it comes to flower bouquets and decorations. Couples are spending, on average, $1,000 on fresh flowers alone for their weddings. The "language" of flowers is still a thing and has been for ages. During Victorian times, flowers were used to represent emotions when words and gestures failed. Today, many couples still follow this romantic tradition and create beautiful bouquets and centerpieces with flowers whose meanings have some significance to them. Flowers are like a love connection. For example, roses carnations are popular wedding flowers as it represents passion and love. There are also other flowers that couples can consider such as Daffodil, Hydrangea, and Iris. These flowers represent new beginnings, perseverance and faith respectively. 

How would you like to have a wedding with lots of personal touches, without having to break the bank? Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing "Silk Flowers".

What are Silk flowers?

Silk flowers are an excellent alternative to fresh flowers. These allergy-friendly artificial flowers are designed with the true realistic appearance and texture of a damp petal. 

Why should you choose Silk flowers?

Since these flowers are artificial, they will not wilt and no watering is needed! Talk about low maintenance. Most importantly, these flowers are a fraction of the cost of fresh! How amazing is that? You get to enjoy a beautifully decorated wedding venue without having to spend thousands of dollars on just flowers alone. 

Nowadays, many of our newlyweds have chosen to go with Silk flowers instead of fresh as it is a more cost effective option. Furthermore, with our rental option available, the money saved can be used to invest in other areas such as a phototable, Stage, Reception area, and Solemnization decor.  

If you would like to have a look and feel about how our Silk flowers are like. Feel free to drop by our showroom! You can book an appointment with us by leaving an inquiry on our website or email [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you soon!