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How to care for Fresh & Preserved flowers at home?

How to care for Fresh & Preserved flowers at home?


After receiving our fresh flower bouquets, the flowers should last for about a week when properly taken care of. Wanna know some tips and tricks on how you can prolong these delicate flowers? Keep reading for more!

Ensure water is kept clean

One of the largest deterrents to fresh flowers is bacterial. Bacteria is everywhere in our home/work area. These organisms are very eager to enter the cut surface of the stem and multiply quickly. Before the flowers start to "decay", cells of the flower's water-transporting tissues can be blocked with these microorganisms, hence restraining water uptake. A plant's root system is used as a filter to restrict these micro-organisms and bacteria from entering and blocking the plant's ability to absorb water. Therefore, it is extremely important to start with fresh clean water to protect and preserve your precious flower. 

Ideally, the water should be changed entirely every 2-3 days to ensure your flowers are kept fresh. It is also highly recommended that you thoroughly clean the container as well to eliminate as much bacteria as possible. 

To really extend the life of your fresh flowers, you can also add fresh water mixed with commercial fresh flower food. These flower foods can be purchased at any florist or nursery. They contain the correct ingredients to properly nourish your flowers, keep bacteria away, and extend the life of your flowers. Make sure to carefully follow the directions on the package as improper mixing of these flower food can do more harm than good. 

Re-cut those stems!

Always re-cut the stems at an angle (at least one inch from the bottom). Remember to always use a sharp knife or clippers (not scissors) as this avoids crushing the stem. The slanted cut encourages hydration and prevents the end of the stem from resting directly on the vase impeding water flow.

Leaves that are below the water line in your vase must be removed immediatly. These leaves will start to deteriorate and rot over time. This is bad as decaying leaves invites harmful bacteria, which will obstruct the vascular system, preventing hydration and eventually causing your flowers to rot. DO NOT remove all leaves along the stem length, the flowers require the leaves as part of their hydration process. Always be "gentle" when removing your leaves as gaps in the stem surface are "open wounds" where bacteria may enter. 

Display your flowers in a cooling environment 

Most flowers favor temperatures between 18 to-22 degrees Celsius. They should not be under direct sunlight, heating/cooling vents or on top of electrical appliances as the heat given off will dehydrate the flowers. Also avoid placing fresh flowers near fruits, as tiny amounts of ethylene gas will be release, which could age them prematurely.


What are Preserved flowers?

They are made from real flowers. These fresh flowers will go through a technological process that enables them to become preserved flowers. Generally, Preserved flowers last much longer than fresh flowers. The estimated shelf life of these flowers is about 1-3 years. However, it can last for more than 10 years if it is stored in a sealed casing. So how do you maintain these flowers? 

Avoid watering Preserved flowers

Unlike fresh flowers, Preserved flowers are not required to be watered daily. They cannot be exposed to water in any form as they may lose certain properties that make them last longer. 

Keep them indoors!

Certain outdoor elements negatively impact these preserved roses. Some examples include dust, humidity, wind, temperature changes and animals. To ensure that your Preserved flowers are well taken care of, it is best to keep it indoors.

Keep them in cool, dry places

Excessive humidity and heat can decrease the life of any natural flower, whether fresh or preserved. Since preserved roses are organic elements, avoid exposing them to conditions that stimulate their degradation.

Do not crush, press or fold your Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers are still natural flowers. If someone crush, press or fold the petals of a preserved rose, the petals and leaves might break and fall apart. 

Clean and dry using cool air 

It is important to keep your Preserved flowers clean. Over some time, these flowers will retain some dust. The best way to clean preserved flowers is to use a dry, cool air stream every month.

We hope that this blog gave you a better understanding of how to properly take care of your precious flower bouquets. If the flowers you received are damaged or of poor quality, kindly contact us within 24 hours (after purchase) and we will advise accordingly! If you have any other questions regarding flower care, feel free to leave an inquiry on our website or email us at [email protected] :)