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7 Affordable Props that Will Amp Up the Aesthetics of Your Wedding

Wedding – a big day, a huge event, a magical affair. It's that one day where you get to wear a beautiful gown or suit, and be surrounded by all your loved ones. Given the significance of a wedding, it’s only natural for brides and grooms to go the extra mile to ensure that their big day will leave the honoured guests impressed for years to come. And for that to happen, having the right props is imperative – because they are what distinguishes your special day from the many wedding ceremonies your guests have attended in the past.

So if you’re looking to spice up the visual appeal of your wedding, here are seven affordable props to add to your list right now.

1. Candles Lights


Versatile, inexpensive and often associated with romance, candle lights are arguably the perfect props for any wedding. They can be used to set the mood of the venue or be placed in a more subtle arrangement around the reception hall as centrepieces. Unlike traditional candles, LED candle lights are battery-operated, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be left in a waxy mess after the wedding ceremony. Simply insert the batteries, turn them on, and voila! An instant dreamy flair!

2. Fairy Lights

10If candle lights are not enough to create that whimsical, fairy-tale vibes you’re looking to achieve, be sure to double the illumination with some delicate fairy lights too! Exuding a soft glow, fairy lights will inject some ethereal fantasy into the space and have your guests feeling like they’re dining under the twinkling stars. Did we mention that they come in different colours and boast different modes for you to play with too?

3. Pedestals


Pedestals make great decor additions to any wedding hall – and it’s not difficult to see why. Scene-stealing, show-stopping and eye-catching, they complement flawlessly with any dramatic setting. For the brides and grooms looking to make an epic, grand entrance into the wedding hall, place the pedestals right by the doorway.

4. Photo Frames


A wedding without photos – we bet you can’t think of any. Photos not only create sentimental pops, but also add a more personal touch to the momentous occasion.

But if you’re looking to up the ante of the overall aesthetic, ditch the boring ol’ square or rectangle frames and have your precious photos mounted on mood boards instead.

5. Signage


Yet another can’t-do-without prop of any wedding. Display the signages on your reception desks or on the guests’ tables, and let them do all the talking. Believe it or not – something as small as signage can make a massive visual impact.

6. Money Box


Of course, we can’t miss out on the money boxes! Besides serving as a carrier where all the angpaos (red packet) go, money boxes, too, double up as decor for the reception desk. So don’t just settle for any piggy banks you can find at home – look for one that complements the theme of your wedding.

7. Wedding Bouquet


The bouquet is a big part of any wedding in Singapore – be sure to not leave them out from your prop checklist. More than just flowers, bouquets carry many symbolic meanings and have the ability to tie all decor together. There are plenty of affordable wedding bouquet options available – all it takes is some research.

Opt for Rented Props Instead

Now, you might be wondering, “what can I do with the props after my wedding?”. Well, we have a solution: rather than buying them outright, why not rent them instead? Not only will renting be easier on your wallet, but it also takes the pressure off from having to find a space in your home to store them.

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