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Opening Stands/Congratulations

Congratulate From the Heart with a Flower Stand in Singapore

Sometimes, gifts mean more than words. There’s no need to spend hours searching for the perfect words to say. Simply send your heartfelt congratulations with a beautiful flower stand.

Whether it’s the grand opening of a new retail store or a celebration of a landmark deal in the office, mark any of these special occasions with a fine selection of flowers from The Interior Collections.

Express Your Sincerity

There’s nothing wrong with making a fuss over the significant people in your life. Send a congratulatory flower stand in a grand gesture that’s hard to miss. Make a meaningful dedication of flowers to close business associates, friends, and family to show your sincere appreciation in wishing them all the best in their endeavours.

Take Your Pick of Well Wishes

Every flower has its own unique meaning, so naturally, different flower stand arrangements can signify different things. 

Wondering which stands will work best for your occasion in Singapore? Here are just some of the popular floral picks and well wishes you can select from.

1. Luck

The luck flower stand consists of an auspicious selection of flowers that showers your receiver with good luck. It’s best used for occasions where your receiver is embarking on a new journey or chapter in his or her life.

2. Fortune

The fortune flower stand ushers in wealth and prosperity to your recipient. It’s best used for grand retail shop openings and celebrating the new year for the richness to come.

3. Success

A flower stand that screams success, this selection wishes your recipient a blooming business. Perfect for corporate functions such as new partnerships, project awards, and new deals closed, this congratulatory flower stand sends the perfect message of achieving triumphs and wins.

Send Your Compliments Today

Know exactly what to send at the right time. Browse our full collection of bouquets and flower stands in Singapore online today. Need more than a flower stand for your corporate event? Reach out to our team of specialists to decorate and highlight your event according to all your needs.