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Preserved Flowers

Charming Preserved Flowers that Speaks to Your Personality

Serena, Juliana, Inez. Each flower bouquet in The Interior Collections has a name because they each exude their own distinct charms.

Instead of the bright, vibrant colours you see in fresh flowers, preserved flowers have a more muted and pastel tone - picture wispy lines and earthy hues that ground you. If you love the subtle beauty of nature, this is the ideal bouquet for you.

The unique, exotic look of these dried floral beauties is rare in Singapore’s lush green gardens. And it implores your mind to think of fantastical scenes in a place far, far, away. It’s no wonder preserved flowers are so popular and well-loved by all.

Premium Look, Affordable Tag

Preserved flowers tend to cost a little more than your usual floral bouquet. But that’s only because of the extra fancy treatment they receive. Each flower is carefully dehydrated through a time-consuming process, and special attention is required to ensure the highest quality is maintained. So then naturally, the harder it is to ensure quality, the more preserved flower prices in Singapore tend to inch up.

Even so, as you browse through the full online catalogue of preserved flowers here, you’ll realise that these blooms have found a way to hold affordable price tags without any compromise on quality.

Now you can take pleasure in having preserved flowers without feeling the pinch.

Everlasting Bouquets

A favourite trait of preserved flowers that any fan will tell you is the fact that they last. Because these blossoms are preserved in pristine condition, they are more durable and don’t wilt or sadly wither away. No tearful farewells down the bin, plus, you can find the perfect bouquets that fit your budget.

They are easy to maintain too and don’t require any water. All you need is to find a lovely spot you can admire them from all the time.

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