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5 Facts To Know About Your Bouquet of Fresh Lily Flowers
Lilies are among the most widely used and aesthetically pleasing in the world. This exquisite flower, which comes in a range of colours and is well renowned for its pleasant smell, is a show-stopper on its own and makes the ideal addition to any fresh flower bouquet. But despite its popularity among flower shops in Singapore, most people don't know all that much about Lilies. This is why in this blog, you'll find out tons of interesting facts about the different types of Lilies that you can share with other flower lovers! 1. Lilies Can Trace Their Roots Back to Greek Mythology Al..
3 Wedding Flower Trends You're Bound to See in 2023
Weddings can be an overwhelming affair. With so much to plan and coordinate, the process can be quite daunting. But with all the details and decisions to make, there is one element that we can never forget about, just like every other element of your wedding — the flowers. From wedding bouquets and corsages to wedding flower arrangements like table centrepieces and altar displays, flowers help create the atmosphere and really bring all the elements together. And to help you check all the boxes when it comes to this aspect of your wedding, it is common to turn to the most popular trends for..
3 Lucky Flowers for Good Fortune this Chinese New Year
Now that the new year is finally here, it only means one thing — Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Come the 22nd of January, Chinese New Year is the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family, and come together to exchange well wishes. Seen as the most important holiday for those who celebrate it, is it not only an opportunity to honour ancestors and traditions but also a great way to welcome a new beginning and wish for good fortune in the upcoming year. While it is customary for friends and family members to give red envelopes during this holiday, flowers are also often ..
5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers
Wedding preparations in Singapore can be a fun yet stressful experience. The amount of time, effort, and resources you'll need to pour into such an event can be overwhelming for some people. One such aspect of a wedding that needs to be planned out is the wedding flower arrangements. Floral decorations, table vases, and the bridal hand bouquet are just some of the floral elements you need to plan out before your big day. To make things easier for you, this blog will lay out some tips for choosing wedding flowers to make your wedding a success. 1. Set Up a Wedding Flower Budget Th..