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Flower Power: The Psychological Benefits of Flowers




We all have those days where we feel like the world is against us, and nothing seems to go our way. It is easy to get down on ourselves and forget about the good things in life that happen every day. And when you are feeling down, what do you need most? Food? A hug? Someone to listen to your problems with empathy and understanding? What if we told you that there is something easier, more affordable, and guaranteed to make someone smile more than anything else in the world? They are flowers! 
The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and positively affects social behaviour – far beyond than anyone can imagine. According to behavioural research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods. 

Beyond mental health, the presence of flowers leads to increased contact with family and friends, thereby allowing intimate connections to be formed between them. Read on to find out about the many psychological benefits flowers pose.

1. Flowers Increase Levels of Positive Energy that Stay Throughout the Day


Research by Etcoff has found that people are more likely to feel enthusiastic and happy at work if they have seen flowers in their home in the morning. Looking at roses in the workplace also enables individuals to feel more comfortable and relaxed as they go about their working day. 
Flowers can set you free from anxieties, blues and worries. The smell alone can make you feel calm. The colours of the flowers matter too, with each having different associations. Red is a powerful and energy-filled colour associated with life and vitality, whereas yellow builds self-confidence and encourages optimism. Green exudes relaxing energy as it brings you closer to nature.

2. Flowers Boost Creativity and Productivity


Are you feeling sluggish and struggling to overcome fatigue? Flowers have also been recommended for improving performance and boosting creativity. Exposure to flowers reduces negative feelings and provides one with the much-needed energy boost. It’s all proven – workers reported more innovative thinking and creative ideas when they are surrounded by beautiful flowers and foliage in the office. 

3. Flowers Help to Reduce Stress


Did you know that flowers can reduce stress? Well, they can!

It's a beautiful day, and you're feeling stressed out. Just one look at the flowers on your desk can make you feel better, right? It turns out that this is because of how scents are processed by our brains. Exuding a soothing scent, flowers can trigger feelings of happiness and do wonders for relieving stress.

4. Flowers Create Intimate Connections


With the looming threat of the pandemic hanging over our heads and the safe distancing measures physically keeping us apart, it is getting easier than ever to feel disconnected from our friends and family. 

Reconnecting does not have to be a complex process. A simple gesture of sending flowers over to someone lets them know that they are on your mind. The act of giving flowers inspires the development of intimate connections. In this time of stress and adversity, nurturing the bonds we have with our near and dear is more important than ever. 

Make Someone Smile Today


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