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8 Wedding Flower Arrangements Mistakes

8 Wedding Flower Arrangements Mistakes

Following are common wedding flower arrangements mistakes to dodge:

Not seeing the big picture
Choose Flower centerpieces in consideration of the entire view of the venue / reception room with your guest in it. Do not let your centerpiece obstruct the view of the stage

Not reusing ceremony arrangements
Reuse the Aisle flowers and altar pieces as these can be moved to the buffet table or at the reception table when you are hosting your dinner in a restaurant.

Not communicating with your florist
Know what you like is just as important as knowing what you don’t like. Bring lots of pictures — it is the best way to help convey what you do and do not want your floral designs to look like.

Choosing strongly scented flowers
Choosing highly aromatic flowers for centerpieces may sound like an amazingly romantic idea, but it will drive your guests insane if they are prone to allergies.

Not taking care of your flowers
Everyone loves hydrangeas, especially in bouquets. However, hydrangeas need to stay hydrated, and the average lifespan out of water in temperate conditions is about three hours. They might not even make it through your ceremony if you’re out all day taking pictures.

Forgetting to budget for flowers
Most brides find that flowers are an important part of their day but forget to include them in the planning from the start.

Choosing an oversized bouquet
Do not let an oversized bouquet covers and fights with the overall design of their dress.

Overlooking the reception table linens
From runners to underlays and overlays, the right linen can make flowers flourish on a table.

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